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About us

Together we can use our resources smarter!

One thing common to all our products is that they have flaws. It could be the transport, the water leak, the fire or the burglary that left its marks. Together with our customers and partners, we ensure that goods get a new chance and the earth's resources are taken care of a little wiser.

Together we can make a difference.

From time to time, we have charity events in the store where we donate part of the daily cash to charitable causes that customers can help decide. So far, we have donated money to the following organizations:

  • Räddningsmissionen GBG
  • Operation Smile
  • Kvinnojouren Göteborg
  • MSF
  • Jontefonden
  • Måns Jenninger Memorial Fund
  • WWF
  • Unicef

Become a partner!

Put all the focus on your regular assortment. Let us acquire your outgoing articles and returns.

Since 1993, we have worked with police, freight forwarders and insurance companies to take care of products and defects.

We buy:

  • Excess
  • Defects
  • Returns

It could be the transport, the water leak, the fire or the burglary that left its mark. Or it's about goods that have simply been left over.


Together, we develop a solution that suits your wishes such as transport, storage, sale and payment.


Together we can reduce, reuse and recycle goods. In this way, we can also create goodwill and release restricted capital. A win-win situation!


Our areas

It could be the transport, the water leak, the fire or the burglary that left its mark.

(BILD) stoldgods

Stolen goods

The thief has been caught and the goods have been taken care of by the police or insurance company. The goods are then handed over to us.

(BILD) Glassplitter

Broken glass

A shop window shattered, the broken glass has settled everywhere. then the goods are sent to us via insurance companies and we take care of them.

(BILD) Beslag

Seized goods

We receive goods from logistics and transport companies, where the customer has not paid for warehousing, transport, etc. and where the goods are pledged and sold.

(BILD) Transportskada


Sometimes a truck overturns in the ditch, but the most common is that an item has been badly damaged in the handling and then it comes to us. 

(BILD) kartonger i stapel


Goods sometimes get lost in one way or another in transport. Sometimes the address label has come off, or the recipient is missing.

(Bild) Hittegods

Lost property

The public finds a lot of things that are submitted but never finds their original owner again. At SOP, they get a new chance to find an owner.

(BILD) Eldsflamma

Fire & smoke

When it burned nearby or maybe some distance away. Products with varying degrees of smoke odor, or beauty spots such as soot can be found here via insurance companies.

(BILD) vattendroppar


Rainwater from roofs, wells or sprinkler systems in warehouses or shops sometimes do this. The products come to us from insurance companies.

Contact us!

Would you like to cooperate with us?

Please contact our purchasing manager Jenny Andersson.

Phone: 031-15 91 76

Together we make a difference

In collaboration with our customers and partners, goods with defects get a second chance.

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